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When a loved one dies, sorting out that person's affairs can be a difficult and upsetting procedure and that is why we aim to minimise the distress and wind up the deceased's estate in a prompt and efficient manner
Our main duties in administrating an estate are:-

o Evaluating the size of the estate and ascertaining whether any Inheritance Tax is payable
o Drafting the appropriate Oath to enable the Grant of Probate to be obtained if the deceased left a Will appointing Executors who are the people that the deceased wished to administer his/her estate or to obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration if the deceased died without making or left a Will appointing no Executors.
o Once the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration has been issued then the Executor/Administrator has the authority to�wind up the estate and this will enable him/her to, for example:-

1 Close Bank and Building Society Accounts.
2 Transfer or sell any stocks or shares.
3 Transfer or sell any land owned by the deceased.
4 Obtain the proceeds of any Life Assurance Policies.
5 The estate monies can then be divided between the beneficiaries named by the deceased in his/her Will or divided in ���accordance with the rules if the deceased did not make a Will.

We advise our clients to make a Will to ensure that their wishes on death are put into effect. If you die without making a Will, then the law then states who is to benefit on your death. The persons who benefit are not necessarily the persons whom you might wish to benefit. You must remember that:

1 Cohabiting partners and
2 Step children

will not benefit if you die without making a Will.
In addition a Will enables you to:

o Appoint Executors or the people you wish to administer your estate after your death.
o Appoint Guardians for any your children so that you state whom you wish to care for your children in the event of your ���death.

We always discuss with clients the size of their estates so that the estates can be planned and Wills drawn up in a way that seeks to minimise any liability to Inheritance Tax.
We also offer our clients the option of keeping their Wills in our strong room free of charge.
You may qualify for help with the costs from the Community Legal Service Fund depending on your circumstances.

For the costs of drawing up a Will, please telephone CBA or ask for a written quotation

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